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Vinyl Lettering Near Me

Vinyl lettering includes numbering, letters, or graphics. These are usually cut from a single colored sheet of vinyl. They can be multiple colors. These are cut the transfer tape is placed on them. The transfer tape is designed to make it easier to match and line them up on what ever the vinyl is being placed on. This ensures the end product has a professional look.

Vinyl lettering can be stuck on many surfaces, like windows, glass, walls, banners, storefronts, vehicles, and boats.

In-house we keep about 40 different colors in stock. We are able to order over 400 special colors to match anything you may need. Able to order reflective, fluorescent, frosted, gold and silver. (We try to keep them in stock but sometimes run out.) Keep in mind you are able to use more than one color when using vinyl.

Common Uses for Vinyl Lettering

  • Vehicle Lettering: Company businesses or small home-based companies use these a lot. Our graphic designers are able to design you a logo and implement installing it onto your vehicles. Our technology allows us to actually show you how your vehicle is going to look after the design is installed.
  • Window Lettering: Window lettering or window designs are a widespread use of all vinyl. Some people use these in their homes, like if they don’t want to smoke in their house.
  • Store Front Graphics: Many businesses all across the Houston areas use vinyl lettering on their store front windows. Chances are you see them daily and have not realized it. This is a great way to get the word out about sales and specials. They are also used to attract new customers.
  • Boats: The state of Texas requires all boats both commercial and personal to have registration numbers on them. These numbers are almost always made of vinyl. It is also a prevalent practice to name the boat in the back. This is also the same material. This is because it holds up well under the rough conditions of being on the boat.
  • Banners: Banners are printer on vinyl material that is not sticky. Often that same material is not printed but has vinyl lettering on them to draw attention.
  • Trailers: Trailers of all kinds use graphics and lettering on them, both enclosed and unenclosed trailers.
  • Walls: Walls both in businesses and homes often have catchy sayings on them. The family dinning area is an excellent example of this.

Steps to Installing Vinyl How to Self-Install Vinyl Lettering

Often our clients opt out of us installing their custom-made vinyl graphic. A great example of this is trucking companies or container yards. They have us cut out sets of letters and custom logos and apply them when needed.

This is a step by step instructions on how to properly install vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics. We hope that you find it useful and easy to understand. All of the vinyl you get premade from us is pre-mask with transfer tape already on them. This makes your installation as simple as possible. We are also available for any questions you may have.

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with a mild dish detergent and soap. We suggest you also apply clean rubbing alcohol on the location with a white cotton rag afterward before applying any vinyl. You want to keep doing this until your white cloth remains white.
  2. After measuring the location you intent to place your new graphic stand back and make a definite determination if that is where you really want it. Before you take any other steps hold up the decal to the area you plan to place it so you can see it there. Now that you know you want your graphic there we suggest you use blue painters tape. You will put this across the top of the graphic without taking and of the backing or pre-mask tape off. This is called hinging the graphic.
  3. This is a critical step to applying your vinyl letters. Hold the bottom edge of your graphic away from the area you are applying it. If it is a big graphic tear about a quarter of the backing off, you will be reveling the sticky backing. Be very careful not to get it stuck in an area you don’t want it on.
  4. Using a small squeegee or credit card apply pressure to the premasked tape over the part of the backing that is exposed. Be careful to make sure you don’t wrinkle the vinyl. You want to put it on in a many not to wrinkle or have air bubbles. If you have bubbles or wrinkles, you can carefully lift the graphic and start over. Make sure to take your time and don’t rush the process.
  5. Once the graphic is in place and there is no creases or bubbles in it, squeegee the whole graphic applying pressure. This will make it bound with the material you are placing it on.
  6. This is the part you get to remove the pre-mask tape. You want to start at one of the corners and pull straight down at a sharp angle very slowly. If your vinyl starts to come up, use your squeeze to stick it back on, carefully remove the masking tape.

Enjoy your new graphic and be proud of the work you did. You know have installed your first graphic, just like a professional vinyl installer!

Care of your Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl lettering can regularly be washed. Make sure to use a nonabrasive rag and cleaning solution. Using these things will keep it clear of dust and grim. We recommend using a cotton cloth and dish detergent. It will also prevent it from being damaged. Never use strong cleaners or scrub hard, these both will destroy your vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cut vinyl lettering? Are these a one piece or individual pieces?

    Cut vinyl lettering os independent letters with an adhesive backing. They are individual pieces, but we mask them together for applying purposes.

  • What is Sign Pros Vinyl Lettering Made From?

    We only use 3m vinyl. This is an expensive vinyl that is above standards. It is long lasting and does not fade under normal conditions. Most of the vinyl we use is also 2-mill or thicker. We are proud that we only offer the highest quality of adhesive vinyl!

  • What is the Thickness of the Vinyl?

    Most of the vinyl we sell is 2-mill or 50 microns thick. However, some of the vinyl can be thicker. It all depends on the type of vinyl you need for your application. Reflective is much thicker than normal use vinyl.

  • I Need an Alternative Type of Vinyl then What Most Sign Shops Carry. Do you Carry Special Vinyl like reflective or marine?

    Yes we do. When we take your order our designer will ask you about your application and if there is anything special you need. If you need these materials we will use them and keep them in stock. If it happens to be a special color that we don’t normally stock, we can have it by the next day. We are three to five business days out on all our orders.

  • If I Don’t Want Vinyl Can You Print Me Something?

    Yes, we also offer to print. Sometimes if you want an elaborate graphic or image, it is not worth us cutting it, or it will not look right. The advantage of printing offer vinyl is you can use some colors that are not offered on vinyl. Applying the printed graphics is the same as installing vinyl.

  • What is the Biggest and Longest you can Make Vinyl Lettering?

    The size is the limit. We have made the letter as large as eight-foot-high and as long as two-hundred-foot-long. No job is too small or too large for us!

  • What Fonts can you Guys Use on my Graphics?

    We currently offer about ten thousand fonts. If there is a special font you need and we don’t have it, we can purchase it for your project. You will be charged for it. But we will uninstall it afterward and not use it on any other projects.

  • If I Bring my Design do I save Money?

    In short yes. This means we don’t have to tie up our designers with designing a new project. We will just merely print or cut yours. Of course, the size and complexity matter a great deal.

  • Does our Choice of Colors and Material Impact the Price?

    Yes, this can. If it is a unique color that is not regularly stocked then yes we have to order the unique color in, and the remainder will sit on the shelf until someone else needs it.

  • How Long Will My Graphic or Lettering Last?

    Both our vinyl and printed materials are guaranteed to last five years. 3M Vinyl is designed to last ten years. This also depends on if it is inside or outside conditions. If there is wind or water on them all the time.

  • What are the Health Risks of the Adhesive Portion?

    This is an exciting question we received from a local animal rescue group. It stumped us, so we called the manufacture and asked. They told us there is not any danger of toxicity in using 3M vinyl.

  • Does Vinyl have a Flat or Glossy Finish?

    You can get it either way. Most vinyl is semi-glossy. When you come into the store, we can show you an example.

  • Do you Put Laminate over Your Printed Items?

    Yes, we try to. Sometimes it is not practical. If you need a big print, then yes we do. If it is a simple little hard hat sticker or something, then no we don’t. Now if you order more then say ten of them we do.

General Questions About Vinyl and Printed Graphics

  • Can I Reuse Vinyl Graphics and Printed graphics?

    No, you can’t reuse these. They are not perinate but semi perinate. Once they are applied, there is no way to reuse them. Once they are removed, they are trash. Make sure when you apply it, it is where you want it.

  • Are all Surfaces can I Apply Vinyl and Stickers?

    The smoother the surface the better. You can not place them on a non-porous surface. Metal, painted drywall, plastic, glass, wood and many other surfaces can accept these stickers. A great example is if you try to apply it on untreated wood, it will not work. If you are wanting to apply a sticker to wood we suggest you either paint it with semi-glossy or glossy paint. Think about it this way, if you run your hand over the surface and it is not totally smooth it will not work. Also if you put water on the area and it does not run off then it will not work.

  • If I place the Vinyl Letters on my Car or Boat, will it Ruin my Paint?

    Because we use high-quality vinyl, they will not do anything to do with paint. It does not matter if it is in the interior or exterior. The only exception is when it is time to remove the sticker. You must use proper removal techniques.

  • My Windows are Tinted on my Vehicle, will They Work?

    Absolutely will work on your windows. Please let us know the windows are tinted so we are able to ensure your stickers are made the right way. When designing your graphic we will use light colors to make sure they can be seen. You do not want to use dark colors on dark tinted windows. We offer window perf for these types of applications. Window perf it great because you can still see through it.

  • If I use the Lettering or Graphic on a Painted Wall or Wall Paper, will it Ruin it?

    Vinyl letters and stickers should not ruin any paint jobs, regardless of how long they have been on. If removed they must be appropriately removed. You can not use a sharp object or blade to remove them. If you do, you will cause damage.
    Wall Paper is a different story. We do not recommend you using stickers on it unless they are on it forever. If you plan on removing them later, it could damage the wall paper.

  • We just Painted, can we Apply the Stickers and Graphics?

    You should never apply any types of graphics to newly painted surfaces for two-three weeks. This allows your paint to dry all the way through and cure. If done too soon you could damage your painted surface.

  • What Kind of Paint Should we Use?

    For Vinyl and Graphics, we suggest you use a semi-glossy and full glossy finish. Latex and oil-based paint work well. Do not use a flat, satin, faux sand, or magnetic paint. These paints will not work well with these paints at all. In fact, the adhesive on the back will not stick at all.

  • How do I Remove Vinyl Letters that was Applied Some Time Ago?

    Most of the time it can simply be peeled of gently. We always recommend pulling it off slowly and carefully. You don’t want just to rip it off. Any adhesive that may be left over can be cleaned off with a warm, mild soapy solution. If you have problems with removing really old vinyl, sometimes it helps to heat them up with a blow drier. Heating it up allow the glue to loosen up and give.

  • The Most Common Uses for Vinyl Lettering

    There are so many uses for Vinyl Lettering and Graphics. We split them off into two main categories. These categories are commercial use and home use. Businesses use them for things such as specials, store hours or vehicles. Home uses are things like a family saying, warning signs, children’s rooms and mailboxes. If you have a security system, you probably have a vinyl sticker warning that you have an alarm.

  • I want My Graphic to Be on the Inside of My Glass

    This is not a problem at all. Please let us know when we are printing it or cutting it. There is a small special process we have to do while designing for you. Inside decals are a very common practice.

  • Does Humidity Effect Vinyl Lettering?

    Yes and no. Most of the time it will not hurt it. A good example is in a bathroom. You cannot apply vinyl while the service is wet. If the glue gets wet, it will not stick. In humid conditions, it will reduce the lifespan of your vinyl.

How Easy is it to Really Install the Lettering and Graphics?

  • I am worried about installing Graphics on my own.

    Installation does not require a professional, but it does need you to take your time. Huge graphics and vinyl take two people to put up. You will find the steps to installing your graphic below. Please read through them thoroughly before starting. This will give you a better understanding of the process.
    Clean the area where your graphic is going with a light or mild non residue soap. Make sure your rag is not abrasive also.

    2. Make sure to let the area air dry before you start installation.
  • This is a must and can not be damp at all.
    3. Measure the area where you want your graphic to go. Visualize the sticker up and how it will look.

    4. Take the sticker and place it where you want it, without removing the backing. Now you will take a piece of blue painters’ tape and put across the top of the sticker. Step back and make sure the sticker is straight.
    5. Carefully start peeling away the backing on your sticker. Start peeling at the top. You want to make sure your blue tape does not come unstuck. Don’t peel to much off only a small horizontal portion. Ensure that no sticky part of the sticker is touching the area where you are installing it.
    6. Now this is the tricky part so be very careful. Take out a credit card or other item similar to a credit card. Begin slowly going back and forth over the sticky part of the graphic starting at the top slowly moving down little be little. You want to make sure to be careful, we don’t want wrinkles or creases in it.
    7. Once you get to the part that still has backing on it, slowly start to peel it away. As you peel it away smooth the sticker with your credit card.
    8. Now that your graphic is installed, you need to slowly push down hard with your credit card. This will help to keep bubbles and creases out of it.
    9. No that the lettering is fully installed on your surface, remove the blue tape. Now you will remove the transfer tape. Grab the top of the transfer tap and pull straight down slowly and gently.
    10. Now step back and look at the graphic, make sure there are not any bubbles in it. Remove any other left-over tape from the surface.
    11. Take a deep breath, you did it! It looks great and it was not that hard!

Additional Vinyl Install Hints and Tips

Larger vinyl letters or graphic images can be installed in parts and is helpful if there is only one person performing the installation. Please let us know if this is needed at the time of purchase. We will make sure we tape these and get them ready for your self install. (This is only needed if we are not installing for you.

What is Needed for a Proper Installation

You need a few necessary things to do your installation. You will need a squeeze or credit card, blue masking tape, cotton cleaning cloth and mild detergent. With these, you should be able to install your sticker and get it straight!

Cleaning of Vinyl Lettering Once it is Installed

We always advise to let the vinyl graphics sit installed for a couple of weeks. This gives it time to cure and adhere to the surface. In the industry, we call this curing time.

After your sticker has sat and cured you can now wash it. We recommend you wipe it with a mild detergent and soft washing cloth. This helps to keep front scratching or to pill it off of where you placed it.

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