Sidewalk Signs Provide Unlimited Marketing and Advertising Possibilities

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Sidewalk Signs Provide Unlimited Marketing and Advertising Possibilities

Sidewalk Signs Brings Extra Revenue to your Business

Sidewalk signs bring retail businesses a lot of business by attracting new customers. These signs work great because they are in your line of sight. Do you have people walking down the sidewalk or by your shop? A sidewalk sign will catch their attention by it being at eye level. In today’s society, everybody is on their phones and looking down. Why not take advantage of this?

We can get you over 100 types of sidewalk signs and designs. They can even be used in high wind areas. These signs can be customized and designed to your needs. Our graphic designers will sit down with you and design exactly what you require.

Don’t forget these are not just on the outside. You can use these inside of your store to draw customers to special sales. They are great eye-catchers!

List of the Different Types of A-frame Displays

  • Our plastic signs are made of rugged polyethylene. These are tough and long-lasting. Are almost indestructible. These are great choices for high traffic areas where they might get a beating.
  • Metal Sidewalk signs are also a popular choice. These signs are made of aluminum. These are nice when you are trying to get a classy look.
  • Marker Boards are mostly used by restaurants or food service industry. These usually have a wood frame with a chalkboard on them. These work great for daily specials or messages to your dinners.

We offer these types of signs and many more. Come by our location to get some help with picking out the type of display. Our highly trained graphic designers will customize it for you. All of our products are top of the line.

Requesting a No Obligation Quote

To request a quote give us a call 713-360-6675 or stop by our location at 12540 East Freeway. We are located on the East side of I10 and Federal Road right beside James Coney Island.

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