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Houston Car Wrap

Houston Car Wraps are a Great Way to Turn Your Company Vehicle into a Moving Billboard

A Houston car wrap is great advertising and an attention grabber. This is a way to get your brand out in front of thousands per day. As your vehicle drives around town everybody will see it. A car wrap stands out in traffic!

With car wraps, vehicle magnets or fleet graphics, these will bring attention to your brand. These things get you the much-needed exposure a small or large business MUST have to survive.

Cut Vinyl

Vinyl is an often overlock but economical way to a logo and advertising. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get one car done or a whole fleet vinyl will get your message out there. Doing your whole fleet allows all of your vehicle to look uninformed, thus bestowing confidence in your clients.

Partial Houston Car Wrap or 50% Car Wrap

Some companies are on a budget and opt to save funds, they decide to go to a partial wrap or a 50% wrap. These are great options and get your message out to the public. Our graphic design team will create a design that will turn heads. We will take advantage of the areas of your vehicle and turn them into valuable ads space. This design saves you money but is highly effective.

Full Car Wrap

Your full wrap covers the hood, rear, both sides, and trunk deck. You have the option to even cover the window with window perf. Your vehicle will have a unique look on your vehicle. This custom look is completely designed by us for you.

Three Year Warranty on Houston Car Wrap

Houston Car Wrap uses the top of the line materials. Many shops in the Houston areas use the cheapest material they can find to save money, we do not. All of our sign stores use nothing but 3M with 3M laminate. This enables us to offer you a three-year warranty on your wrap. This three-year warranty covers materials and defects in the wrap.

Graphic Design is Included

Your estimate includes design time. This is a freebie we give you. Many other companies will charge you up to $300.00 an hour to design your wrap. This is all included for you. This alone saves you money over what you could be having to spend.

Give us a call for all your Houston Car Wrap 713-360-6675.


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