Decals and Magnetes

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Decals and Magnetes

Decals or Printed Signs

Custom printed decals or print signs are our number one service. We are known for designing these to attract attention. We either print a design you already have or make a custom one to your liking.

Some Ideas for Decals:

  • Hardhats: Hardhats are a very common sticker that is made by us for the construction industry. Companies will order 500-1000 at a time to give out to workers and other companies workers. We are able to print these in bulk and give them to you ready to distribute!
  • Equipment: Marking your equipment is a good practice and can bring in new clients. Let us say you have a bulldozer and you get rained out but someone sees it and boom they know who to go to for the service.
  • Ownership markings: Sometimes companies use certain equipment on jobs where there could be more than one company there, to keep the confusion down they will use permeant stickers to label their tools. This keeps confusion down and saves companies from having to buy new tools.
  • A product you are Manufacturing: if you manufacture a product more then likely you have to put markings on it like the name of it and other required information. We are able to print these in bulk.
  • Windows: this is great for retail locations. Advertise your sales and your products right on your windows! Full-color custom designs!
  • Walls: Many time you may need to put your company logo on your wall but don’t want to hang an actual sign. We are able to print this in full color and you can hang it on your wall!

No matter how big or how small a job is we are able to do it for you. We are able to make it into shapes and sizes small or big, one color or full color. Call us for all of your decal needs!

Magnets for Your Vehicle and Other Uses

Do you need a business card that clients can hand on a metal surface? We can print mags as small as a business card. These same ones can be cut into whatever shape you need them in!

Vehicle magnets are our number one selling product. We design to make and print them right here on site. Our designers can sit down with you or we can print your logo straight on them. Give us a call for a free no obligation estimates 713-360-6675

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